Pregnancy Miracle Guide

Pregnancy Miracle Guide

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(Personal Path To Pregnancy is no longer available)

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Beth Kiley’s Personal Path To Pregnancy is a 62 page guide to getting pregnant naturally without the need for drugs or surgery. Follow the information contained in Personal Path to Pregnancy to maximize your fertility and learn the quickest ways to get pregnant, naturally. Change your lifestyle and clear your body of the substances that decrease fertility.

Personal Path To Pregnancy Book is a very comprehensive resource guide available to help you increase your odds of getting pregnant fast. It covers a variety of topics which include nutritional and change in lifestyle. There is information with detecting ovulation, timing of intercourse, vitamins, herbs, alternative remedies, and improving malesperm count, to name just several. This book is well crafted and has high quality and well written content which is easy to apply. It tells you how you can get pregnant even if your gynaecologist has said you can’t.


Beth Kiley isn’t a doctor but she states give you the chance to educate you reasons for having pregnancy that your particular doctors cannot. Thousands of couples of benefited from Beth Kiley’s wisdom and avoided the heartache she endued and now you can too. It covers numerous topics such as: Starting with the basics on knowing when the best time to conceive is and how to test to see when you are ovulating. How to get your hormones back in control once you cease taking birth control…and much more!

Personal Path to Pregnancy EBook contains a lot of bonuses like the BMI chart, Baby Name Book, Super Baby Guide, Exercise routines for pregnant women, Baby Safety tips, and a lot more.

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